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How to Choose the Right Cycling Jersey

By John Tsekouras 3 years ago 3513 Views No comments

Whether cycling for enjoyment, as part of a club or as a means of regular transportation, cycling jerseys is an essential part of every cyclists wardrobe. Cycling jerseys are lightweight garments for the torso that is meant to allow utmost movement of the neck and arms, while still letting the cyclist maintain a comfortable temperature. Netti has a wide range of jerseys for men, women and children to suits your riding needs.

Where should I buy my cycling jersey?

Most local cycling shops are the best place to purchase a cycling jersey. The store-staff are most likely also cyclists and they will be able to tell you about the benefits of one jersey over another. Remember to be aware of sizing charts and be sure that your order is the right size. In the case where you might order the wrong size – the cycling shop will gladly exchange the jersey for the next size smaller or larger.

What should I look for?

Certain qualities of cycling jerseys make them quite unique to cycling. If your starting out with cycling – you would want to look for a high visibility loose fitting jersey. The high visibility loose fitting jersey design is to allow you free movement and be easily seen. When choosing a jersey, hold it up in your hands and examine it. The back of the jersey should hang down about two inches longer than the front. The jersey should also have 2 or 3 large pockets in the back for storing gear and supplements. All cycling jerseys should also have a zipper that runs down the front (middle) which can be opened for ventilation when it’s hot, and be closed to conserve heat when it cold. These jerseys should be soft and silky against your skin and colourful, so that motorists can see you clearly on the road.

Is there anything to beware of?

Cycling jersey producers often have misconstrued sizing charts. These jerseys always differ in their sizing. A men’s cycling jerseys that is sized as Extra-large is usually barely big enough to fit a regular sized man with a 42-inch chest. Typically sized women with a 36-inch chest will a large or extra-large. The most frequent pitfall of cycling jerseys is buying them too small – So ensure that yours fit properly.

Any accessories I should know about?

Accessories for cycling jerseys include undershirts – Which is a tank-top (sleeveless shirt) that fits under your jersey. Undershirts are made from a fabric that wicks moisture away from your skin and is mostly used in cold riding conditions. You can also use a thin cotton tank top (underwear vest), because it works just as well, at a fraction of the cost. Certain cycling jerseys come with a thin nylon hood stitched into the jersey and tucks away in the back of the neck.

Does pricing reflect quality?

Netti Cycling jerseys are manufactured from different types of nylon, polyester, lycra and other compound materials specific to each individual manufacturer. The best thing about Netti cycling jerseys is their designs, features and value for money.

As more and more people look to cycling as a way to maintain health, as well as cut transportation costs, we might see many more cycling jerseys around town. Hopefully these pointers will give you a better idea on what, where and how to buy a cycling jersey. Good luck and safe cycling.

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