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Our Elite offering is race cut. Cut nice and slim to the body.
Performance cut is slightly more relaxed to give you some breathing room.
Essentials is nice and comfortable with plenty of room to move.
In each category you will be the same size, we've taken care of the fit for you.

Netti Cycling Gear Three fit Strategy

Netti has developed a three fit strategy to simplify the fitting process for you. This strategy allows us to tailor our collection of cycle wear to your performance needs. Whether you’re road cycling, Mountain biking or simply commuting home as quickly as possible your cycling kit ensures you are comfortable and happy in the conditions.


The Elite Range is designed for the accomplished cyclist. The product is designed for someone that lives to cycle and strives to win. The typical rider would be riding road or XC, and has the strength and fitness to ride with fast bunch rides or compete. The elite range is our tightest fit and uses the most technical products on the market. Designed for those that want to spend hours in the saddle.


Our Performance range is for the accomplished cyclist that rides for enjoyment but isn’t so concerned about aero-dynamics or performance enhancements. Our performance range offers the greatest choice for consumers and relaxes the cut to be a “sports fit”. Our product still maintains exceptional wicking abilities and comfort.


This is our specialty collection for the commuter, enthusiast cyclist, weekend warrior, family rider or beginner. Most importantly this range is for the riders that do not like the traditional tight cycling cut but still want sports fabrics. The Jersey cut is our most relaxed but we still deliver cycling styles with reflective elements for safety.

Our 3 tiered system is design to ensure Netti offers a garment for all cyclists. Netti is the only Cycling brand that offers a solution for all riding styles.